Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea 
Nov 2 - Nov 20, 2021
sound, speaker, variable dimensions
Somil Soway (Grace Cho, Wonwoori, and Sua Kim)

Unupolar Disconnections is one of the works of an exhibition Masked Words, which was curated collaborating with a psychotherapist and music composer.  During a counselling session using the auditory projection tool, subject A talks about the experience of having everyday sounds amplified during her Covid-19 treatment at the hospital. The soundscape with amplitude modulation (AM) reproduces everyday sounds unfamiliar, representing the type of auditory experience of the subject and symbolizing the exposure an amplification of commonly overlooked social alienation issues in our daily lives.

Photo by Enoch Jeong, Eunchan Kim, Caleb Jeon and Chulkyu Jin
Video by Dami