USA, 2019
38cm x 38cm x 38cm 
drill on the plywood, contact papers, and a siren

I pixelated the surveillance camera maps and designed them like QR code*. After gluing QR code maps on the box, I pierced locations of surveillance cameras of the map with a drill into the box. Inside the box, there is a red siren. When siren spins, the lights of the siren are spread through the pierced holes indicating location of surveillance cameras and projected on all sides of walls and spectator’s bodies with many red dots. It is not easy for spectators to escape the light spreading from all sides and projecting onto their bodies. These effects represent vulnerable people who cannot escape data surveillance and cannot help but be passive before the surveillance.

*In Korea QR code has been using for certification relates to COVID 19 such as whereabouts, identification, and even if a person is vaccinated ot not. 

Study for Hide and Seek between You and I
laser cutting on plexiglass and red paint on the wall, 60cm x 90cm x 1.1m, 2019

Surveillance QR code box
drill on the plywood, contact papers, and a siren, 38cm x 38cm x 38cm, 2019