Production Grant from Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation, 2015
Education Broadcasting System(EBS) International Documentary Film Festival, 2015 
Seoul Women International Film Festival, 2016

Documentary / 65min / 1920*1080 / HD / Color and B&W / 2014 - 2017
Director: Grace Cho
Producer: Sua Kim
Cinematographer: Jinee Kim 

Grace has been wearing glasses over 20 years and now she wants to take her glasses off. In the eye doctor’s office, she gets a shocking diagnosis: it is not only impossible for her to get lasik surgery, but she cannot even wear contact lenses. She must wear glasses for the rest of her life. Suddenly, she felt her glasses heavier than she ever had before.

My Heavy Glasses is the story of women who internalized the male-centered gaze prevalent in Korea society. Through documentary filmmaking, they recognize themselves as subjects of ‘seeing’ from the objects of ‘being shown’.

*full film by request only