Happiness / AT&T

TV commercial / 1920*1080 / HD / Color / 2012 
Client: AT&T USA
Director: Jude Chun 
Art Director: Grace Eunhae Cho
Sound: Noe Gonzalez 

A girl in her pajamas disembarks from a city train and walks through the streets of the city with a sense of alienation. She hugs a pillow to her chest as she wanders, drawing the looks of those around her as she searches for other "idiots" like herself. With the help of AT&T, the girl finds her friends and engages in an epic pillow fight, happy in having found what she was seeking.

Happiness is a commercial produced in 2012 for AT&T. It embraces the slogan, "The happiest thing in the world is to find an idiot is the same kind of idiot as you." The short film's creation involved throwing the first-ever Seoul Pillow Fight Party in 2012, footage from which is featured in the commercial.

Still cuts of Happiness, 2012